18 December

Father Christmas will be finalising the plans for his journey around the world delivering presents over the next few days. As Britain is still in the single market, he won’t have any trouble getting all of his toys over the channel without any boring paperwork or customs checks!

Unfortunately, it won’t be as easy for UK businesses to do this following Brexit. I’ve been meeting business representatives from all over the South East. Whilst the issues facing some sectors are well-known, such as the car industry and the amount of times that car components cross the border during the manufacturing process, other industries are facing huge challenges too. The horse-racing industry, such as those trainers I represent in Lambourn, are hugely concerned about how easy it will be to have their horse race in Europe, as they regularly do now. How long will the horses be held at the border? How long will the queues be?  When will the government start to address these issues?

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