Can John help you?

Good question - so we need to ask you a few questions first:

Where do you live?

John represents South East England. So if you live in Berkshire (any of the Bracknell Forest, Reading, Slough, West Berkshire, Windsor and Maidenhead or Wokingham Council areas), Buckinghamshire (including Milton Keynes), East Sussex (including Brighton & Hove) Hampshire (including Southampton and Portsmouth cities), on the Isle of Wight, in Kent (including Medway Council area), Oxfordshire, Surrey or West Sussex then we can potentially help you. You can check if John is your MEP here.

This is an enormous area with at least 8.2 million adults - about the same as Austria - which is worth bearing in mind and the main reason we ask you to write to us, email us or use the form on this site.

Is it a European Matter?

Constituents contact their MEP about many different things: queries about European legislation - consumer rights, the environment or animal welfare for example, problems they have encountered on holiday in Europe or when living, studying or working in another EU country; difficulties for their business complying with European regulations or questions on how best to take advantage of the EU Single Market. Any of these things or similar, subject to seeing the detail, John can take up your case.

If you are not sure it might be a good idea first to contact Europe Direct. This service can give you general information about EU issues and save you a bit of time. Similarly, for general information and help on travelling and working in Europe you can contact the Citizens’ Signpost Service (Your Europe Advice). Also for problems arising from certain EU member states implementing EU law badly you can contact SOLVIT who may be able to help quickly.

If you were booked on a flight which was delayed or cancelled you may be entitled to compensation from the airline under EU rules. If you are having problems being reimbursed by the airline you can contact the Air Transport Users Council.

However, if you draw a blank on any of the issues above, however, please do contact John.

What if it is covered by UK jurisdiction?

Despite the myth that the EU makes most British law it is not actually true. All of education, the NHS, social services, immigration, benefits and pensions, and the majority of employment law is entirely the responsibility of the UK. On this and much more it is best to contact your British MP at Westminster. Find out who your UK MP is here.

On other issues that are UK matters, such as housing, roads and transport, social services and child protection, refuse collection and street cleaning, then the right place to go is you local council or you ward councillors. You can find out the name of your council and councillors here or your council website should tell you how your local councillors are and how to contact them.

On all of these UK matters is is best you go direct to your MP or Councillor - while you could come to John's office we will end up passing it on to the right level - so it will really just slow things down.

European policy matters

MEPs receive thousands of emails about European Union policy issues - such as animal welfare or the environment. John welcomes these communications and always wants to hear from constituents, but asks you to bear in mind that it may take a little while to get back to you depending how heavy the postbag/mailbox is at the time.

How to get in touch

So if you think John can help please get in contact with the office if you think you have a case that I can assist with, we are always happy to help.