Can John help you?

No. Sorry, but it is as simple as that.

The UK left the European Union at midnight CET on 31 January 2020. This means that the UK not longer has a seat at the table in any of the institutions of the European Union, which includes the European Parliament.

John's term as an MEP came to an end at that point.

What does this mean for me as an EU Citizen?

EU Citizens living in South East England have no representation on matters of EU competence that may concern them or their families with reference to their home member states neither can they be represented by a UK MEP regarding matters of their UK residence. For matters concerning affairs within your member state you are advised to contact an MEP from that member state - if it is a matter for member state representatives they will refer it accordingly.

Find details of member state MEPs here. For other matters, now UK jurisdiction, you are advised to contact a UK MP or a local councillor (see below)

What does this mean for UK citizens in the EU?

UK citizens living in the EU enjoy existing rights under the transitional arrangements until 31 December 2020. As things stand there are a number of rights that are no longer guaranteed beyond that point. The most glaring of these is the loss of the 'freedom of movement' rights under which many Britons have settled in the EU27 states. The remaining members of the Socialist & Democrat Group in the European Parliament have been urged by Labour MEPs to take care of the rights of UK citizens in need of assistance. There is some guidance on rights as set out in the Withdrawal Agreement and the situation in various EU member states with significant British populations here.

UK jurisdiction?

Despite the myth that the EU makes most British law it was never actually true. All of education, the NHS, social services, immigration, benefits and pensions, and the majority of employment law were entirely the responsibility of the UK. On this and now much more contact your British MP at Westminster. Find out who your UK MP is here.

On other issues that were always UK matters, such as housing, roads and transport, social services and child protection, refuse collection and street cleaning, then the right place to go is you local council or you ward councillors. You can find out the name of your council and councillors here or your council website should tell you how your local councillors are and how to contact them.

On all of these UK matters is is best you go direct to your MP or Councillor - while you could come to John's office we will end up passing it on to the right level - so it will really just slow things down.

European policy matters and EU competence

During the transition period matters of EU competence remain but the UK has no representation. John cannot take up these matters and is not any longer in a position to answer questions on matters of EU policy.

How to get in touch

John is, however, remains a politician and still able to speak at meetings and take part in seminars  please get in contact with him if you wish  to discuss anything in this respect.

Please remember that John is now a private citizen. He does not have staff any longer and so will get round to replying when he can.