Contacting John Howarth

John cannot any longer provide help to constituents as his term as an MEP has expired. John continues to be a politician, speaks at events and takes part in policy seminars. You can contact John for these purposes by email:

contact ('at sign @')

You cannot any longer contact John by land post. If all else fails you can, however, contact John via Twitter: @johnhowarth1958


Cautionary note

As many hundreds of people, including John's political opponents, will testify, John has no problem debating opposing views - in fact he relishes doing so but insists that it is done in a civilised manner without abuse.

Abuse through email is illegal and, though such incidents are very rare indeed as most people are actually quite nice, any such incidents will be reported to the police. Generally speaking the police take these matters seriously and, though on-line anonymity may be some kind of strange turn on for some oddballs, it can also land you in serious trouble.

So do you self a favour and behave like a grown up.