19 December

Many people will enjoy a glass of Baileys with their loved ones over the holiday season. As well as a festive drink, Baileys is a great example of the issues we might face by leaving the Single Market as part of the Brexit deal.

The cream in the drink comes from both sides of the Irish Border and is processed in Belfast in Northern Ireland before travelling to Dublin in the Republic for export. The glass for the bottles crosses the border, as do other ingredients. The time and expense in monitoring the customs checks for these crossings will inevitably add to the price, let alone any tariffs that are added. 

Baileys is far from the only reason why a border of any sort on the island of Ireland is an utterly ridiculous idea, but it illustrates all of the commercial reasons very well.


Evidence: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/07/brexit-raises-spectre-dearer-guinness-baileys