21 December

Don’t forget- it’s the last posting date for all first-class post today! 

If you want a piece of pointless trivia with which to entertain your family or friends this holiday season you could try telling them that 2018 will be the 50th anniversary of the introduction of a two-tier postal service in the UK.

This was one of the last acts of the General Post Office as a government department before it became a state-owned corporation. At that time the role of Postmaster General, who was a member of the Cabinet, also diapeeared, the last one being, appropriately, John Stonehouse who sometime afterward did some disappearing himself.

Apart from Stonehouse there were seven pother Labour Postmasters General, who were:

Vernon Hartshorn
The Earl of Listowel
Wilfred Paling
Ness Edwards
Anthony Wedgewood-Benn
Edward Short
Roy Mason