25 December

So first of all, Merry Christmas and all that.

My final advent calendar post for this year is another of my cocktails. If this one isn't the flavour of Christmas then I don't know what is - cinnamon, cranberries, oranges - and you can make a version for the kids (or anybody who for whatever reason doesn't drink, or is driving) without the alcohol (see below).

The recipe:

2 measures (30ml) of Cinnamon Vodka
1 measure (15ml) of Triple Sec
1.5 measures (22ml) of Cranberry Juice*
Juice of half a lime

4 cubes of ice, shake well.

If you are feeling especially festive top it off with some Prosecco, Cava or that French stuff.  Though there is no need to push the boat out - it's fine as it is. Cocktails are expensive in clubs and bars, but the ingredients of this mixed at home amount to £1.39 a pop.

For a soft cocktail substitute orange juice for the vodka and top up with soda water to give it a lift. 

May you all enjoy peace, love and health in 2018.