Those most directly affected by Brexit are those living and working in an EU country other than their own.

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Brexit and the Rights of Citizens

For any UK MEP Brexit and its consequences takes up a great deal of our time. For the rest of the EU Britain leaving is just one of the many issues confronting Europe and for many MEPs from the other 27 EU member states it is far from their list of immediate concerns.

How John has approached Brexit

Since becoming an MEP John’s approach to the issues surrounding the UK leaving has been based on:

  • Explaining the consequences for Britain of leaving the European Union and of the various different ways in which the UK could leave.
  • Holding those who made promises to the electorate during the referendum to account.
  • Working within the European Parliament to get the best outcome possible for UK citizens, businesses and institutions.

John says,

“The referendum created a mandate to the Government to negotiate an exit from the European Union. It did not say how leaving would happen or what the future relationship of Britain and the rest of Europe might look. Different leave campaigners argued for different ideas and there were many different motivations of those who voted to leave.

“If I felt that the promise of ‘the same benefits we all enjoy as members of the European Union’ were delivered by any deal then I could support leaving, but the fact is this ‘cake and eat it’ position could never be delivered and so it has proved. The Brexit that may be delivered is not at all the Brexit that was promised.

“I firmly believe Brexit is a historic mistake and, while I will work to minimise the damage, I will not be a part of helping it happen.”

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