Safer Tourism – by the pool this summer

Many of us, myself included, are off on our holidays over the next few weeks*. My kids are grown up now but many of you will be going off with your children in tow. Before you go it’s worth checking out the Safer Tourism Foundation’s website. 

The Safer Tourism Foundation was established in 2016 by Sharon Wood, the mother of two children who died of carbon monoxide poisoning in 2006. They are dedicated to preventing accidents, injury and illnesses for Brits travelling abroad. 

This year’s campaign is focusing on unnecessary deaths and accidents in holiday swimming pools. There are 25 drownings in holiday pools each year, and there are also an additional 500 serious pool related incidents annually. 

To help to prevent accidents around the pool from happening, the Safer Tourism Foundation are encouraging us to RELAX. This acrostic is asking parents to first Recce the pool environment to identify any safety features. You must then keep your Eyes on your kids, to make sure they are safe. Then you must make sure you are with someone who knows Livesaving techniques, just in case of any incidences. If children need Armbands, they must be wearing them. Finally, the Safer Tourism Foundation are asking parents to eXplain to children how to use the pool properly.  

The STF teamed up with the Telegraph to make an animated video to illustrate the dangers of swimming pools. Watch it here. 

More broadly, the Safer Tourism Foundation also aims to reduce the general health and safety risks affecting people travelling abroad. 

They have tips for safe travel on all types of holidays, from adventure holidays, to city breaks, to even stag and hen parties.  They also have tips based on what type of traveller you are, including if you are travelling with children, or if you are travelling with a disability, health issue or mental health condition. 

Check them out here.

Stay safe, remember your suncream, and have a great time.

* The European Parliament has a four week summer recess and we have a short recess of about ten days at Christmas. Some of those times I am working in the region. MPs at Westminster have longer recesses though much of that time they work in the constituency. Not complaining at all - just explaining how it works.