Speech – Brexit negotiations

John Howarth MEP on the State of play of negotiations with the United Kingdom

"President, I voted for the resolution on the Brexit negotiations with a heavy heart, in the knowledge that it is the wrong solution for the United Kingdom. But the question before this House is whether or not the negotiations have made sufficient progress, and unlike October – when there was no joint agreement to vote on – it is clear that progress has been made, but sufficient progress means just that: not a conclusion.

While I welcome what has been achieved on citizens’ rights, not least for the unborn grandchildren that I may have, who won’t be English or German or Scottish or Irish or even Geordie or Schwaben in their identity; they will be European. We have made a start for those people, but there is much more to be done. And to those who write to me constantly on this issue, I say: don’t give up. Lobby your MPs at Westminster, and make sure that you have a meaningful vote and they have a meaningful vote on the final deal."

European Parliament Plenary - 13 December 2017

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