Speech – Support for EU budget

John Howarth MEP in support of programmes that benefit the United Kingdom

"Mr President, today I have voted for those elements of the budget that provide strong support to the programmes, from which the United Kingdom benefits most and which contribute to a strong, sustainable and stable Europe.

The Parliament’s budget sets the framework for further negotiations between the European Union institutions. I have voted to restore cuts proposed by the Council, which fell disproportionately on areas from which world-leading UK institutions gain substantial benefit.

I voted to support Labour Party priorities, such as tackling youth unemployment, strengthening research and boosting programmes such as Horizon 2020, from which UK organisations are leading beneficiaries. The budget proposals, for which I have voted, continue to strengthen the EU’s negotiating response to the challenges of migration and security. I have voted against increasing the administrative budgets of the Parliament and Commission.

I believe there is considerable scope for savings, not least through the creation of a single-seat Parliament. I have also voted for greater transparency for MEPs, the Labour MPs, implement ourselves, if we can, you can."

European Parliament Plenary - 25 October 2017

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