Speech – Multiannual Financial Framework and own resources

John Howarth MEP in support fo the Multiannual Financial Framework

"Mr President, there are many good things to support in this resolution, which largely reiterates the position of Parliament some months ago, particularly the support for those areas that increase scientific research programmes, and so on, are there to be welcomed, and we are happy as Labour MEPs to support those aspects of the resolution. However, only aspects relating to own resources.

First of all, the United Kingdom has a derogation from changes to these systems between now and the end of the MFF and, of course, the UK intends to leave before this new MFF, so it would be inappropriate to express a view on those points.

Finally, on the question of the rebates, many of which flow from by far the largest rebate – the UK’s, it seems to us that it is important for UK citizens to understand that that will continue to the end of this MFF and the end of the UK’s membership, and the time to discuss those rebates is perhaps once the UK has left, rather than before."

European Parliament Plenary - 30 May 2018
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