The future of fusion research

In a speech tonight to the European Parliament Plenary session I argued that Britain must remain in Euratom and within the European research framework for fusion power. I told the Session:

“Nuclear fusion is the holy grail of energy research, with the potential to deliver energy equivalent of 10,000 tons of coal from the atoms in this small bottle of water and no CO2 emissions.

“Commercial fusion now has a realistic future but that future is at risk because of Brexit.“The UK Atomic Energy Authority operates the world’s largest magnetic fusion experiment, the Joint European Torus or JET, with scientists from all over Europe.

“This project is far too big for any one nation state alone. It is the classic example of the economies of scale we achieve through our European Union.

“This world-leading research facility is in my constituency and you simply can’t put it on a truck.

“I hope that Monsieur Barnier and Mrs May are both listening: JET needs Europe, Europe needs JET and the UK’s place is in Euratom.”.